What if Ethereum (ETH-USD) merges ahead of schedule

Ethereum (ETH-USD) May Merge Ahead of Schedule

Ethereum (ETH) is on track to merge with its main chain on schedule Friday, marking a major step forward for one of the world’s largest public blockchains. 

The main chain will be forked off the ethereum network at block number 5,920,000, with the ethereum chain continuing on its current trajectory. 

The scheduled merge is the latest step in ethereum’s transition to a Proof of Stake (PoS) system, which will likely result in a more stable and secure network. 

The PoS transition will also introduce a new ethereum coin, called “Ether,” which will be used to pay for transactions on the ethereum network.

Ethereum is well on its way to the long-awaited “second generation” upgrade, with a merger scheduled to take place ahead of schedule. 

The “spam” hard fork is set to occur on Thursday, July 10, at block number 6,402,000. 

The upgrade is set to introduce “proof-of-stake” (PoS) voting, which should result in lower transaction fees. 

This is in addition to the Casper, sharding, and scaling upgrades that were previously expected to occur in 2019.

After months of consolidation and sideways trading, Ethereum appears to be in the midst of a meteoric rally. 

The second largest cryptocurrency by market cap has seen a series of sharp gains over the past week and appears to be in the midst of a strong upward move. 

In just the past 24 hours, Ethereum has added more than 10% to its value, trading at just shy of $400 at the time of writing. 

If the current momentum continues, it may well achieve its next primary objective.

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Developers now targeting Sept. 15 vs. 19, and other top stories in the New Digital World

The New Digital World has changed everything, and the speed of change is accelerating. 

This week in the New Digital World, we saw a new shift on the tech timeline and a new wave of development coming to the New Digital World. 

Developers are now targeting September 15 instead of September 19, and the new wave of development is coming from the biggest names in tech. 

The future is here.

The New Digital World is changing almost faster than we can keep up. 

This week brought a couple of major developments that show just how quickly the landscape is evolving. 

Developers are now targeting Sept. 15 instead of Sept. 19, and that's just the beginning. Let's jump in.

It was a big week for the New Digital World. 

On Monday, the internet’s biggest tech companies revealed new products and services, created in response to a revised set of technical standards for the internet. 

These standards, called the “New Digital World,” will help keep the web secure, fast and accessible. 

They’re a response to the “Old Digital World,” which was built on the internet’s original technical standards.

Ethereum Could Merge As Soon As September 15

This week could see the biggest moment in the history of cryptocurrency: Ethereum could potentially merge with the world’s largest blockchain. 

Over the past year, a number of different chain-splitting protocols have been discussed—and in the past few weeks, it seems like the time for one of them to come to fruition is finally here. 

The protocol in question is called “spoon,” and it was developed by a group of Ethereum developers including Nick Johnson and Alexey Akhunov. 

If it goes ahead as planned, “spoon” will see the two chains of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic combine into one—and if it goes ahead as planned, it will be the most significant moment in the history of cryptocurrency.

Ethereum will merge with another cryptocurrency called ZK-snarks on September 15, according to a new report. 

The merger will create a new cryptocurrency called ZK-snarks. 

The report was published on September 14 by CryptoSlate, a news site focused on cryptocurrencies. 

The ZK-snarks merger is still in the planning stages and has not yet been approved by regulators.

Ethereum has been making major progress lately. 

The company’s blockchain network experienced a surge in transaction volume and new dapp launches earlier this year, and the network is poised to make even larger gains in the near future. 

One of the primary catalysts for this growth has been the launch of the Ethereum Metropolis upgrade, which is set to merge the blockchain’s Geth and Parity clients on September 15, 2018. 

This will result in a single client that will allow users to access the entire Ethereum platform, including decentralized apps (dapps) and smart contracts.

Binance to Return $450,000 of Stolen Crypto Sent to Its Exchange

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it will return $450,000 of cryptocurrency that was stolen from other exchanges and sent to Binance. 

The exchange confirmed that it was aware of the theft on Thursday, but did not say when the theft occurred. 

The exchange has also confirmed that it will return the money to its original owners. 

The theft highlights the inherent risks of sending cryptocurrency to exchanges instead of trading on decentralized exchanges.

Binance has announced that it will return $450,000 worth of cryptocurrency that was stolen in a hack earlier this week, without any conditions. 

The exchange, which is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, said that it will return all crypto sent to its exchange from the hack, regardless of whether it was traded or withdrawn. 

Binance urged those who sent crypto to its exchange to withdraw it as soon as possible, as it cannot ensure that the funds will not be withdrawn by the hackers. 

The exchange said that it will provide a further update “in the coming days” regarding the hack, which caused it to shut down for a day.

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is returning $450,000 worth of cryptocurrency that was sent to its exchange by mistake, according to a report. 

The cryptocurrency, which was worth about $26,000 at the time it was sent, was mistakenly sent to Binance’s exchange instead of a different exchange. 

The mistake was discovered by the owner of the cryptocurrency, who realized that his account had been credited with the cryptocurrency when he was expecting a different cryptocurrency. 

The owner then reached out to Binance, which agreed to return the money to him.

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