Should Ethereum holders move ETH crypto to exchanges before merging

Ethereum Holders Begin Moving ETH Crypto to Exchanges Ahead of Merge

Ethereum holders have begun moving their digital tokens to exchanges ahead of the hard fork that will create a new version of the network. 

The divergence in the price of the two network’s currencies, ETH and ETC, has been a major factor in the slow speed of the hard fork so far. 

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While the Ethereum community has been focused on the upcoming upgrade, exchanges have been busy moving funds between the two chains. 

The largest exchange by volume, Coinbase, has posted on Twitter that it has already seen $150 million move to its platform from the ETH chain.

Ethereum holders have begun moving their digital assets onto exchanges in preparation for the network’s scheduled hard fork, which will merge the world’s second-largest blockchain with its biggest. 

The move comes as traders wait to see how the change will affect the value of the coin and its associated cryptocurrency, ether.

Owners of ether, the cryptocurrency of the ethereum blockchain, are beginning to move their holdings from the platform’s native wallets to exchanges in anticipation of the network’s impending hard fork. 

The move comes after ethereum developers reached an agreement on the technical details of the HF, including the block number and time of its occurrence, which will enable the migration of ETH from the platform’s native wallets to exchanges. 

The move is expected to trigger a wave of trading volume on exchanges, which has been volatile in the days leading up to the HF. 

 'part-continuation": " With only one day remaining before the hard fork activates, investors and market observers are closely monitoring the movement of ETH on exchanges in anticipation of large

Ethereum whales are playing it safe and selling the news

News has spread that the Ethereum whales are selling the news. 

In reality, they’re looking for any excuse to sell the news, so they’re selling the news and making a killing off it. 

The news of the BTC price drop is one of those and is being used as such by masquerading as something else.

The so-called “whales” have been holding out as long as they can, and they’re selling off the position as the price tumbles toward $1,000. 

Chances are, they’ll unwind when they need some liquidity in order to buy back in.

Ethereum Whales Moving ETH Crypto to Exchanges Ahead of Merge

Over a dozen of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency holders have moved their holdings away from exchanges to secure their digital assets ahead of the impending Ethereum hard fork. 

At the time of writing, the majority of the world’s largest ETH wallets are inaccessible, with a number of exchanges reporting that they are also experiencing issues with withdrawals. 

The majority of the world’s largest ETH wallets, including those of the likes of the Winklevoss twins, are inaccessible. The majority of the world’s largest ETH wallets are inaccessible.

Cryptos are on a tear this week, with Ethereum’s price up more than 24% to $1,316.55 at the time of writing. 

But the rally may be short-lived. 

As the cryptocurrency market approaches the midpoint of the year, investors are beginning to shift their focus to the second half of 2018. 

One area in particular has captured this attention: the impending Ethereum/Ethereum Enterprise alliance.

The majority of the world’s cryptocurrency is concentrated in the hands of a few “whales,” but as the number of Ethereum-based tokens on the market has exploded, those whales have begun moving their holdings off of the exchanges where they were originally stored. 

This has the potential to cause a major disruption in the space, possibly even triggering a market sell-off.

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