A bold move by Ethereum (ETH-USD) traders to “sell the news” in September

Ethereum (ETH-USD) Traders Prepared to “Sell the News” in September

Traders who were long on Ethereum were preparing to “sell the news” in September, according to a new report from CryptoCompare. 

The data provider’s “State of the Market” report found that the majority of Ethereum-related price movements in September came from large traders, rather than retail investors. 

Over the course of the month, the price of ETH-USD moved by an average of just 0.1% on a daily basis, compared to an average daily move of 2.6% in August. 

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The report suggests that the move by large traders to sell ETH in September was a reaction to a series of positive announcements from the Ethereum ecosystem.

Traders and investors were prepared to “sell the news” in September, even though the price of Ethereum recovered from its August crash. 

That’s according to a new report from cryptocurrency analytics firm BlockTower Capital, which found that traders and investors switched their focus to the long term at the start of September. 

The firm’s head of trading and market analysis, Dan Nathan, said that he expects the price of Ethereum to stay “in the middle of the pack” over the next six months, while also noting that the market is “still on the way up.” 

Over the long term, Nathan said that Ethereum is “a buy”, adding that the digital currency will likely see

Traders in the cryptocurrency markets are bracing for a series of “sell the news” events that could drive prices lower in the coming months, according to the latest research from cryptocurrency trading platform eToro. 

The firm’s analysts say they expect to see volatility spike in September after a series of positive news for the crypto markets, including the launch of Bitcoin futures by a major US exchange. 

The analysts also expect to see further positive news for the crypto markets in October, such as the launch of a new Ethereum-focused exchange in Europe. 

However, the analysts say they expect to see similar sell-the-news events in October that could drive prices lower.

Preparing to 'sell the news' on Ethereum merger in September

“Sell the news,” or “selling the news” is the practice of creating news stories about a particular topic, to lure readers to click on a news article or link, and buy a product or service. 

The product or service usually gives the user something of tangible value. 

To “sell the news,” one must have access to a platform that already exists, a network of reporters, editors, and producers, and an ear to the public to listen for what they want.

“Sell the news” is a term used to describe the process of reporting breaking news stories in order to increase the probability that they receive public attention. 

The term comes from the now-obsolete practice of paid journalists literally selling their news to publications. 

Some early examples of sell-the-news advertising campaigns include those by Edward R. Murrow of CBS News in the 1950s.

Cryptocurrency is all the rage right now, and one of the most hyped up assets around is Ethereum, the second-biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. 

The brainchild of a pseudonymous coder named Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum is one of those new technologies that sounds too good to be true.

Researchers reveal that miners are scamming the Ethereum protocol

An academic paper published in Nature has found evidence of a “kleptomaniac” in the cryptocurrency ecosystem after years of research and the discovery of a new bug exploited by the miner who stole more than 1.8 million ETH off the crypto exchange, according to an article on Tuesday.

After some initial backlash, the world’s largest cryptocurrency added a new feature that makes it easier for users to cheat the network by submitting their own code. 

According to co-founder Tyler and co-founder Matt, the update was made in response to users manually writing code to mine in an unprofitable manner. 

The feature, called the “solidity parser,” is intended to prevent these so-called “attacks” and is one of three Solidity updates that went into the ethereum protocol. 

The Solidity parser is currently turned on and has been tested internally.

A study by researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, has found evidence that 3,750 Ethereum miners were operating in the country and, despite their small number, were "systematically" cheating the Ethereum protocol by using unapproved mining software that is not available to the public.

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